Intel Teach Program is an initiative by Intel to improve teaching effectiveness around the world by offering professional development courses and helping teachers integrate information and communications technology into their lessons. In the program, teachers are trained to promote their students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Intel Teach is the largest private-sector program one of its kind, training more than 15 million teachers in 70 countries who will in turn influence the learning of over 300 million students.

To make sure our teachers are in synchronization with the latest know-how we are a part of INTEL Teach Program. It also aims to Discover professional development that provides a deep exploration of current learning concepts. Intel’s education website offers several resources and features like a subject wise repository of projects and lesson plans which can be used by teachers to transact their subject. Thinking with technology tools: online tools and resources for educators to support collaborative student-centered learning.

Intel Engage Online community is an educators’ networking site providing a global platform to educators across the globe to collaborate and communicate. Educators can participate in discussions, post their blogs and articles and communicate their ideas and views. It is suggested that link is kept on the home page so that teachers who use the site find it easily.


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