Nirvana is our annual Cultural Fest. An event celebrated to mark the “DIKSHA GRAHAN” by Late. Shri Sukhbir Singh Jain Ji, Founder VIDYA GROUP on 31st of January every year. A well-organized two day event throwing light on social awareness, promotion of cultures and tradition, channelizing the youth enthusiasm and excitement by giving them a line of thinking and creating a platform that blooms the young buds into a flowery tree.

Nirvana celebrates interdisciplinary collaborations, with the festival being the central manifest for inspiration, dialogue and hands-on action for various departments. It brings together creative, academic, and developmental aspect keen on pushing the boundaries. Several theme based programs are performed by the students including solo dancing, dual dancing, group dancing, solo and group singing, theater-Drama, skits, standup comedies, rock shows, fashion show, star night to name a few.

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