We are a committed educational set up who aspires to set examples beyond expectations on all the fronts of life. We intend to turn around the dimensions of education pedagogy right from the fundamentals to higher levels of proficiency and in addition to this we sincerely feel that we own social responsibility towards the society wherein we operate our day to day functions.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the outcome of dedicated and serious intent of VKP to transform quality of life within the campus and in its surroundings. In our efforts to change paradigms in owning social responsibility we have gone ahead and contributed on certain key issues.

This is a snapshot of our current projects:


We are running GYANODYA, a school for children of the workers employed at VKP sites. The aim is to provide an atmosphere, facilities and quality basic literary education free of any costs. We also provide free books and writing material for those children. Our students from various departments are encouraged to take up sessions and this  helps them in experiencing  the teaching practices in classrooms and working with key education stakeholders like students, principals, and parents, and in turn get exposed to the grassroots realities of  the underprivileged section of the society  and begin to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to attain positions of leadership in education and identify their role in building a wider movement for educational equity in the country.


VIDYA GYANSUKH is an initiative to give opportunity to pursue higher studies for the fourth class employees. Schools in the nearby villages are being taken care of by our students of education. VKP has adopted several other schools in remote areas of Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh where Vidya Parivaar aids and look after them.


Our students visit the Orphanage and NGOs and gift their abandoned belongings and eatables. This helps develop in them a sense of compassion and a habit of giving. Our gift a smile program is an initiative to provide basic essentials to those who are deprived and develop a sense of giving.

Teaching our students the importance of social awareness and giving back to the community is vital to ensure that the child grows to be empathetic, compassionate and caring. Volunteering and actively working to help others offers the perfect ways to help instill this lesson while making a difference in the community and the world beyond it.


As a part of our CSR policy we regularly organize Blood Donation Camps and many a people are benefitted by this gesture and by conducting this we as a group get to contribute collectively on a very important health contingency. In our pursuit for excellence in all the fronts of life we have gone ahead and associated ourselves with various organization to organize such camps frequently.


We are running a well equipped hospital namely Shanti Lok which is dedicated towards servicing the local people of Amin Nagar Sarai  providing free medical camps for health checkup wherein expert Medical practitioners are engaged to analyse the health conditions in rural OPD’s and provides free prescription and medicines. We also provides education and awareness on key issues related to personal hygiene and sanitation and caters to different incidences of severity originating from various diseases/accidents/untoward events at the first level and refers the serious cases to Meerut City hospitals.

International days such as water day, women’s day etc are celebrated to bring about an awareness in the students and develop in them a sense of social ownership.

We have added a new chapter to our CSR policy by joining hands with Standard Chartered Bank on Clinton Global Initiative Pledge to educate one million people on HIV and AIDS. Vidya Knowledge park has partnered with Standard Chartered Bank to take the living with HIV education forward.

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