Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a 2 year Autonomous Program approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, and Govt of India. The key USP of the course is that the college has full control over the syllabus and can modify it time and again as per changing industry needs.

The course aims at developing the ability to identify, analyze and recommend appropriate actions given the influences, issues, and situations at the industry, business and individual levels. An understanding of multicultural business environments, protocols, ethics and management practices required within the global context. Understanding of cultural knowledge including cultural self-knowledge. Ability to apply the skills of critical thinking, conflict resolution, teamwork, leadership and cross cultural communication (verbal and nonverbal). The capacity to analyze, evaluate and interpret data and the ability to select and/or develop appropriate decision making models and generate outcome scenarios. The skills to apply both rational and creative problem solving techniques at the individual and group levels. The ability to analyze business operations to identify opportunities and develop plans to leverage digital technologies and innovation in business processes.

The subjects covered in each semester are designed so as to equip students with modern management concepts and techniques with emphasis to relate it to real life situations. Students can take specialization in one of the following streams:

Manpower management today is undergoing a tremendous change. The complexion of personnel management in the Indian context has changed dramatically. Presently, the Indian managers apply a mix of traditional and modern approach. This programme is designed to equip personnel practitioners with academic background, occupational knowledge and operational skill required in contemporary personnel management.The opening of Indian economy and globalisation has created a need for trained management leaders who can manage a diverse workforce.

The special focus of the programme is on making the participants aware of Indian labour laws and practices. The programme encourages practical skills and abilities that utilise this knowledge effectively. Participants can move to higher human resource or training roles on completion of the programme. The programme aims to facilitate the development of competent and reflective personnel practitioners capable of responding effectively to a range of management issues.

Marketing is an important interface function with the market environment and focusses sharply on the delivery of the output. Its role is to ensure continued compatibility of the organisation’s offerings with the market requirements and to deliver the benefits sought by the customer. With the opening up of the economy, increase in the literacy rate and communication through mass media, the Indian consumer has become more informed and empowered. The Internet technology has also revolutionised the marketing and sales functions. The advent of e-commerce and e-business are creating new learning opportunities. The customer is no longer willing to accept what is offered without questioning. This programme covers various aspects related to Marketing Management, Marketing Research and Advertising. The programme covers the strategic role of e-business in improving the marketing function of a firm. In the global marketing environment subject to intense competition and rapid Internet-induced changes, an organisation’s competitive advantage depends on key strategic decisions. This programme gives decision-makers a strong foundation in marketing concepts and skills.

Business managers are increasingly becoming responsible for managing their profit centres. They need a certain level of financial knowledge and expertise to evaluate their business performance and financial risk and determine the business and financial strategies for their businesses. This One Year Specialised Diploma Programme will introduce participants to financial decision tools as well as financial management theories and practices that enable them to interpret financial statements, plan, and measure performance using budgets and other financial techniques, make financial decisions and manage financial risks.

Basic Accounting addresses itself to the task of recording, classifying and compiling data from transactions with the market involving exchange of inputs and outputs. Managers in the organisation have to be concerned with the impact of their actions on the profit. They, therefore, need to know the basics of accounting. Important business decisions concern how much to produce and at what level to price the products. Different techniques of processing information for management decisions have evolved over last few decades and have been referred to as Management Accounting.

The programme takes a realistic look into the broad aspects of Financial Management and relates theories, tools and techniques to practical experience. It also provides an exposure to the prevailing financial environment in the country.

International Business is concerned with firms that do not limit their operations to a single nation. It asks why these firms exist, how they succeed in the complex and changeable international environment, and what their activities mean for the countries in which they do business. You will analyze and evaluate the issues that arise out of the greater integration of the Indian economy and businesses with the global environment. Identify and describe the implications of trends within international business for Indian corporate houses. Identify and respond appropriately to differences in business culture and ethics in the international business arena. Use a range of practical tools and techniques for conducting international business.Demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to gain employment in the corporate sector or in family businesses globally.Identify and evaluate options for developing strategies in international business situations.Identify potential opportunities in the global market.

Retail management is about managing the whole retail process, from the raw materials through to the final products that are sold to the consumer. This means it’s an incredibly broad sector and one that opens up a range of career options to you.

In fact, graduates of this course are considered to be among the best in the country among many retailers, because of the depth of knowledge and technical skills that they have. During this course you’ll cover every aspect of the retail process, and will tackle a number of live case study assignments on behalf of blue-chip retailers; in the past they have included Waitrose, Harrods and Marks & Spencer, presenting your findings to senior managers from these companies.

Among the key skills this degree will equip you with are analysis and critical evaluation, as well as fostering your creativity and innovation.

Rural Management has inevitably became a distinct profession. Development of rural masses is a composite concern and a movement to be operationalized under extremely diverse milieu; this course prepares the students to meet the challenges posed by the profession and molds them into change agents-facilitators in the process of development. The faculty has adopted clear-cut objectives that focus on the following, Sensitizing the students to pay due respect to the rural masses and their wisdom, Inculcating the value of people’s participation in development process, Equipping the students with the required knowledge, skills, and self-confidence, this will enable them to be effective and competent in their solemn task, Infusing the professional knowledge and skill among the students for successful planning, implementing and managing of developmental programmes, To keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of rural development, the course has been revised and updated recently.

The Family Business is a pioneer program for young family business managers. The Program was evolved to assist family-owned firms in meeting the unique managerial challenges associated with operating and sustaining a successful family enterprise. The Program helps the students to identify which family dynamics most often affect business decisions, and learn how to overcome these hurdles to continued growth and profitability. The program has a custom designed architecture reflecting the central theme of preparing the participant for leadership of his/her family business. The objective is to Equip young family business managers with management concepts and techniques for meeting the distinct challenges in managing a successful, growing family business. Prepare the family member for developing a strategic and general management understanding of the business backed up with a global perspective. Inculcate in the family member the attributes of continuous learning and reflection which would enable him/her to keep abreast of the future. Develop a keen business interest in the external world beyond the family and the business. Understand and synergise the dual role played by a family member, as a member of the owner family, and as a business manager.

With a technology revolution unfolding every single day, this is one module that will help tide over technology-related issues of an organization. Concepts such as IT security will help create a secure IT infrastructure at the workplace and managing IT projects will provide an advanced understanding of managing IT projects in the work place.E-business will help managers working in IT companies or people who are interested in getting into the e-business module with expertise in e-commerce and online shopping attributes. With information security management becoming very crucial in IT enterprises, this module will help tackle business challenges effectively.

The roles for E-Business students have ranged from conventional functional business roles to Pre-sales, Consulting, Business Analysis, Project Management to name a few.The E-Biz program is devised to produce managerial talent who understand business concepts but at the same time appreciate the underlying technology. The program enables the managers to apply concepts learned to make the dynamic, competitive and challenging business environment more efficient and effective.It also provides an opportunity to students to focus on high growth and techno-savvy industry verticals such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, FMCG, IT, BPO etc.

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