Vidya Development Centre (VDC) is an internal technical body responsible for making the campus and its process IT enabled and to help in the academic and other activities going under institution. The major project developed by VDC is Vidya One.

Vidya One is the College ERP System for various institutions and colleges of Vidya Knowledge Park. This system is designed to monitor and manage the academic activities of the Institutions in an effective manner and provides the transparency in the organizational system. Vidya One focuses on the various academic activities like Sessional Marks, Attendance, Feedback of Students and other activities like Notices, Notes, and Assignments, Question Banks etc. Vidya One also aims to enhance the inventory management, which manages the inventory used in the various departments of the organization and also in the events that take place in the organization.

The major objective of Vidya One is to maintain the record of the students and their performance. All digital records are used to analyze and improve the performance of the students and also helps to keep a close check on the faculty performance, so that remedial actions can be taken quickly by the management.

Vidya One system generates various types of reports, and can also customize those reports. The main users of the system are categorized into 4 groups, Students, Faculties, Head of the Department and Top Level Administration. All groups have separate accessibility privileges. Vidya One gives a complete control over college databases and provides many tools to organize its activities.

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