Vidya Premier League – VPL

Vidya Knowledge Park has been benchmarking international standards in the educational arena as well as the sports. Our commitment to sports as an institution is clearly reflected in, we being able to generate sports personnel whose achievements are a recognized at the national level, and our training, facilities and the infrastructure is in sync with the global standards. At Vidya International Sports Academy, we believe that education must be directed towards holistic development of an individual and there is no denying that sports contributes immensely to this effect. This March, VISA presented a very special event focused on sporting excellence ‐ the “Vidya Premier League (VPL)”, an All India Inter‐ collegiate cricket tournament promising challenge and excitement to sport lovers. VPL is a 20 – 20 tournament featuring 24 competing cricket teams from top colleges of the 20 Cities battled it out to a grand finale. Culminating in two of the best contenders vying for the cup.

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