“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”

Vidya College of Engineering (VCE), Meerut is one of the top most institutes in the Western Belt of U.P. We, at VCE, believe not only to make our students world class technocrats but also to nurture the values and citizenship in them. Engineering is a field of learning that links daily life and society with science and technology; and it plays an ever-increasing role in addressing various issues that we face today on a global scale.

We also believe that the people of society expect from an institution to address various social problems and provide the solution to them by research and training activities carried out. Apart from various departments (CSE, ECE, ME CE) at VCE, we also have dedicated directorates for improving the quality of teaching, research, training and students welfare. We also feel privileged to serve the society by empowering the women, children and rural mass through our Directorate of Social Empowerment.

In our education system at VCE, apart from theoretical and practical knowledge, students will able to improve their communication skills, problem-solving skills and reasoning abilities to enable our students to compete at national and international level.

Our objective is to cultivate technical leaders with spirit and passion; people with zeal to shape the future of our society based on short term objectives and a long-term vision.

I welcome with best wishes to all at Vidya College of Engineering (VCE), Meerut.

Er. Ashwani Kumar Vashistha
Dean Student Affairs
Vidya College of Engineering