Our annual Cultural Fest. Nirvana is an event celebrated to mark the “DIKSHA GRAHAN” by Late. Shri Sukhbir Singh Jain Ji, Founder VIDYA GROUP on 31st of January every year.

Nirvana is a two days cultural amalgamation which comprises of interwoven programs throwing light on Social Awareness, Promotion of Tradition & Culture.  The ideology is to channelize the youth enthusiasm, excitement, and energy into constructive episodes by providing them a platform where the young buds can bloom proficiently and develop a new line of thinking.  Nirvana is a celebration of interdisciplinary collaborations with the festival being the central manifestation of dialogue, inspiration, and hands-on action for different departments.

The beauty of nirvana is that it brings together and harness the academic, creative and developmental aspect of learning and push the students beyond their regular boundaries. Various Theme-based programs are performed by the students including solo and group singing, dancing, theater, drama skit, standup comedies, rock show, fashion show and a lot more.

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