When preparing candidates for their future endeavors, taking into consideration the various work opportunities and establishing respective goals requires a deep understanding of the personal background of each student. At VIFT, we first map our students in terms of hard and soft skills, identify the gaps as per the Industry Requirements and then work individually to fill in those gaps.

We support our students in building their CV and Portfolio not just in terms of literary efficiency and clarity but also the content. By placing a deep emphasis on developing the life skills and on building the project portfolio we evaluate the potential and talent within each student and help develop skills that make our students confident not just to face the job interviews but for life.

Students are assisted in their development and formulation of personalities, which can be interpreted as indications of value, quality, and assertiveness. From various Life Skills Modules that involves manifesting the communication skills, self-discovery, personality development and a lot more we make sure we are able to churn up the raw students into industry desirable professionals

These Career Services at VIFT are closely available to the students for helping them in their transition to the world of work. Through orientation and assistance, our expert Life Skill Trainers guide them at every stage and strengthen them with supportive and intensive tutoring.