Learning is not a single shot process especially when it comes to Fashion & Design education. It’s not just about taking the course, passing an exam, and getting out. The real learning happens when you interact with the instructors, assess your progress and with that assessment, you plan your next steps. It’s an ongoing feedback loop that focuses on involving everyone in the classroom

VIFT is an awesome place to learn, and an awesome place to explore your talent. We’ve thought a lot about how people learn and have built training programs that work. Here are some key highlights of our learning programs.


At VIFT, during our training programs, we have observed that people learn better as teams rather than individuals. Our classes and pedagogical approaches focus on fostering this team spirit and developing people. Led by an expert practitioner or a seasoned faculty our students work in group, and come up with their brilliant innovative ideas. The group interaction and the diversity training offers a competitive yet nurturing learning environment.


The 75 acres lush green campus provides our students an exciting and rewarding college experience and memories for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a job in the creative field or preparing yourself for the entrepreneurial dream, you’ll find opportunities and experiences to groom you into everything you need to be. There’s a Big World at your doorstep waiting to be discovered and VIFT is the gateway to your Famous Dreams.


From various methods including classroom teaching to workshop session, from expert guest lectures to ground industrial visits, from apprenticeship under big industry names to live projects, our education system and teaching methodologies at VIFT are carefully crafted to harness the students potential in the best possible way with diversified training mechanism.


Assessment is a tricky area and Creative Education requires constant feedback and inputs. At VIFT, we provide this constant skeletal support to strengthen the learning of the students. With this methodology the trainers help students to get through the tough spot and perform better.


The VIFT campus is a home to a diversified creative community with variegated interests, talents, and backgrounds. You’ll find a wide range of resources for study, exploration, and fun here and you will gain new perspectives and opportunities beyond your imagination and will be happy to immerse yourself in a vibrant urban experience as rich as you want it to be.