The accomplishments of any institution can be very well visualized by examining the success of its alumni, the places where they are getting trained, doing their internship and the places where they are working. Understanding this crucial aspect of education we understand the Importance of career planning. We train our students throughout the course not just In-House but also with the help of External Organizations to acquaint & follow the best practices in the industry and to groom them into seasoned professional, making sure that this transition from a raw student to an employee is as smooth as possible. We at VIFT, bifurcate the career planning process into three main levels, The Internship, The Graduation Project and The Final Placements.


The first initial level of connection with the corporates happens through Internship. It’s an integral part of the design curriculum where the students learn the tricks of the trade, doing design research and gets a real insight of the process in design and production. Based on the selected discipline, the students are required to undergo the mandatory internship for a fixed period of time where they understand the working culture of an organization through observation and exchange of experience.

An internship helps the student to:

  • apply their classroom learning to real workplace challenges,
  • learn to solve the contemporary design problems in original ways,
  • expand their knowledge, develop practical skills, and increase their confidence as a professional,
  • make connections that can launch or accelerate their career as a designer or entrepreneur, Network as we call it.
  • make the CV more attractive to prospective employers.


A Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology, a Graduation project is undertaken by the students towards the end of their academic tenure, an initiative designed to ensure a smooth transition of graduates into the industry. The project has faculty mentors and industry mentors who guide the student through the project. The students are expected to learn independent working and showcase the application of the learning in real life situations. The Final output is showcased in the National Art Exhibition and the Graduating Fashion Show, Infinity at Kala Utsav.


Spawning a mass of highly competent professionals who can create new trends and lead the Fashion & Design Industry in the longer run has been a prime objective of Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology. Within a short tenure, we have had the privilege of grooming some of the most creative minds with a burning desire to excel. Our students go through a very stimulating, challenging and rigorous academic schedule that molds them into people who can face the tough and demanding challenges posed by the Dynamic Fashion & Design Industry.

The Major Areas of Placements includes.

  • Buying & Export Houses
  • Fashion Designers
  • Retails and Brand Companies.
  • Design Houses
  • Entrepreneurship.

We at VIFT invite various companies for campus recruitment and also organize off-campus interviews. Our students have contributed across multiple disciplines and their work has been widely appreciated in the field of designing, merchandising, styling, production to name a few.