The vision is to create a premiere design academy which is globally recognized for its educational experience, knowledge, and outreach and is able to transform young youth through career focused creative design education into good human beings, globally employable professionals, leading in multitasking along with deep and keen knowledge that makes them highly mature, productive and profit-making professionals who can fit in everywhere and surpass the industry expectations.


VIFT’s mission is to prepare students for professional excellence in various dimensions of design through rigorous and adaptable academic programs, enriched experiential learning and innovative partnerships in order to face global challenges. A premier institution VIFT educates its students to embrace inclusiveness, sustainability and a deep sense of community.

Enhanced by the expertise of our multidisciplinary teaching we at VIFT equip our students with effective tools to attain intellectual leadership and creative freedom in their lives academically and professionally. The following is our mission at VIFT:

  • To offer a broad range of career-based programs with modern infrastructure and highly-qualified and dedicated staff members.
  • To implement a rigorous education and evaluation system that ensures its graduates are in exclusive demand in India and globally, for their Exceptional Technical and Professional competencies, and also for their capabilities to perform in higher education programs.
  • To encourage active research activities and to promote a culture of innovation amongst its faculty and students and promote collaborative initiatives with various key players from the industry and institutions of high standing.