Vidya Knowledge Park hosts a State Of the Art Infrastructure which is appropriate for providing the design and fashion industry with well-trained, competent and intelligent young aspirants to take up reputed jobs. In addition to the challenging academic activities, students are provided with various platforms to showcase their creativity. They are encouraged to think out of the box and make an effort to bring out their latent talents through activities that go beyond the classroom. The spectrum of academic facilities helps the students to develop themselves into vibrant individuals. Following are the academic facilities available at Vidya.


Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology is one of those premier fashion and design institutes which is on the forefront of Digital Innovation and imbibing new technologies. We focus on emerging technologies and methods in teaching and learning practices to improve students learning aptitude and understanding. Teaching through smart classrooms is one of our comprehensive ways to attain this goal. Our smart classroom is a combination of state-of-the-art hardware, syllabus-compliant, and multimedia-based interactive content. The exceptional benefit of the smart classroom makes day to day classroom sessions more interesting, interactive and allows students to learn various fields of studies in a structured, easy-to-understand and syllabus-compliant manner.


The Language Laboratory is an all-digital computer lab. The planning and design of the lab center on the changing modes of student learning and remain up-to-date with a format of materials out there for foreign language study, as well as advancements in digital technology. With individual and group study material available in audio and visual digital format along with Internet resources and academic content coexist in VKP Library. The workspace is primarily reserved for students want excellent foreign language pronunciation, listen to passages in the original version, complete their language exercises or write papers in any of the languages taught at Vidya Knowledge Park. Foreign language pedagogy has adopted technological developments that expedite access to language exchange and authentic cultural matter.


We at Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology acknowledge the key role that IT plays in teaching as well as in research. Therefore, IT is committed to provide computing facilities of the highest standard. Wi-Fi allows all students to access a variety of services across our entire campus including all computer labs and student hostels and ensures anywhere & every time learning.


We perceive that the transition years needs very appropriate guidance, support and mentoring. The campus has a full-time professional and skilled counselor to provide a space for a student to discuss their personal and professional queries and advise them to take the right course of action and all this in an environment free from intrusion and extremely confidential.


VIFT library is one of the largest specialized fashion libraries. It has a huge collection of books, periodicals and trade publications, the library is well rated for its Textile Design & Research and Textile & Materials rooms, which give students exclusive access to materials and industry resources. VIFT has a vast collection of hardbound books and digital resources with the emphasis on fashion, business marketing, designing, and costumes.

Periodicals: The library subscribes to latest fashion magazines. In addition to fashion magazines, we have publications for industries such as footwear beauty, textiles, jewelry and interior design.

News Paper Clipping Files: The library maintains a huge archive of newspapers and magazines articles covering the fashion and design industry which could be used for inspiration.

Visual Presentation Materials: The library maintains a selection of visual presentation materials (e.g. Catalogs of props, mannequins and more) which are used in a variety of creative industries.