Duration : 11 Months
Eligibility : Admissions are strictly based on the guidelines of the Institute.

Diploma in Fashion Design is a short term alternative to the full-fledged design Program to understand the basic fundamentals in fashion industry. If you love expressing your creative self or are keen to learn the finer details of the design process, than this program is tailor made for you. For people who are having an eye for fashion and are interested to learn the basic art and science of fashion designing, then this course is designed exclusively for you to give you the insights of the industry. The program is offered in 11 months and cover inputs in the main areas of fashion range development and their visual representation. The course aims to give an understanding of fabric properties and their surface ornamentation using crafts and its sourcing. The business aspects are also taught by looking into and analyzing client needs and demands, small scale garment production and entrepreneurship.

The approach goes beyond the boundaries of formal teaching as we focus on the fundamentals of incorporating all the necessary tools that will help a student develop independent thinking and impactful execution.

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