With the growing literacy among individuals, more and more students choosing for best education. Thus the scope of teaching profession is presently at its best. As the education sector is attracting more advancement in the age of structural adjustment and economic reform. Entry into the teaching profession wide opens a variety of avenues in which we can engage. The job of teaching is self-rewarding so far as knowledge, experience and emotional satisfaction is concerned.

The B.Ed course is a program of 2 years and majorly focuses upon a curriculum that would develop the overall personality by not solely making them excellent professionals but also sensible human beings having respect for values & the society. The course aims at transforming young students into intellectually competent, socially accountable, morally upright & gentle human beings; employable globally.

The course is affiliated to CCS University recognized by NCTE and 12f/2b granted by University Grant Commission (UGC).

Student Outcomes:

  • Competence to teach efficiently two school subjects at the Secondary level.
  • Ability to translate broad objectives of Secondary Education in terms of specific programmes and activities in respect to the curriculum of the course.
  • Ability to understand children’s needs, motives, growth pattern and the method of learning to stimulate learning and creative thinking to faster growth and development.
  • Ability to use:
  1. Individualised instruction & dynamic ways in large classesrooms.
  2. Ability to examine pupils’ progress and effectiveness of their own teaching through the utilization of proper evaluation techniques.
  3. Equipment for diagnosing pupils’ difficulties and deficiencies in accomplishment and dealing with them through remedial work.
  • Readiness to identify gifted and talented children and capacity to meet their desires.
  • Ability to organize various school programmes, activities for pupils.
  • Developing guidance point of view in educational personal vocational matters.
  • Ability to evaluate the all-round development of pupils and to maintain a collective record.
  • Developing certain practical skills such as: a. Black board work. b. Preparing teaching aids c. Preparing improvised apparatus.
  • Interest and competence in the development of the teaching profession and of education. Readiness to participate in activities of professional organisations.

Scope Of Employment:

You could get an employment as a teacher in schools, college or university. Schools are developing rapidly and so various numbers of vacancies for teachers are available to build the career in teaching. B. Ed. is a very important program if you want to make the best opportunity.