Vidya Path: The Annual News Letter

Vidya Path is the official Newsletter, published once in a year. The Newsletter is the pulse of the campus depicting the major glimpses of the year and showcasing the academic and cultural events that took place in the academic year. Distributed to students, parents, faculty, colleges and other academic communities throughout the country to give a peep into various activities at VKP.

Vidya Path acts as one of the bridges between our institutions and the outside world. Grab a copy to keep a pace with the happenings that took place in the campus and enjoy reading our newsletters. We are very transparent and approachable in terms of adding literary value to Vidya Path and intend to position it as a path guider for one and all involved in the arena of quality education.

Vidya Journal of Engineering & Technology
ISSN : 2277-8978

The journal promotes interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of subjects related to engineering and society, igniting original thinking which will contribute to create knowledge and understanding in these areas.

As a key benefit to engineering and society, the journal would discover new and more effective ways of managing business and organizations in the ever changing environmental conditions.

Spectra: Our Literary Society

The Literary Society has, in every sense of the term, registered its share of prominence within a wider enigmatic phenomenon the name Vidya Knowledge Park is synonymous with. With more than 100 members, SPECTRA is one of the most significantly active and dynamic student oriented society in the realm of college extracurricular activities.

Seeking to enrich the student’s taste in anything connected to ‘literary’ and to give them an environment which promotes interaction between some of the sharpest brains in the campus to foster a process of creative exchange and development. The society undertakes a plethora of activities including book reading sessions,  poetry, debate, movie discussion sessions, talks, seminars, orientation sessions, art and plays discussions and critical acumen building sessions.

All the activities are aimed at broadening the horizons of the mind and empowering students to appreciate that slight gleam of ‘literary spark’ evidently experienced in matters of everyday life and vivacious art forms.The society will soon bring its annual publication in the form of its annual literary gazette which will provides a forum for creative expression to all literary enthusiasts around the campus.

The Society is a welcome platform for all the people who love to put their brains together to ultimately join the dots between all the pieces of a jumbled up world around them. Say hello to a smarter way of thinking …  welcome an era of creative genius colored with strokes of freedom in expression … welcome to SPECTRA…!!!