Green Force is a community based project involving conservation groups, industry, natural resource agencies, and residents cooperating to encourage and facilitate the use of natural resource principles that promote health ecosystem and diversity.

Green Force desires to turn around the current scenario of progressively depleted ecosystem, through community involvement and education, this initiative helps management of all land within the geographical area of Vidya Knowledge Park in a manner that sustains natural resources and that will, in turn, contribute to economic and community strength within India to start with and then will be taken to the farfetched corners of Global fraternity.

The Green Force has been established to improve the quality of life in the whole Global scenario by setting examples in promoting and protecting public health and enhancing air quality.

In achieving excellence in research and teaching, Vidya Knowledge Park under Green Force initiative aspires to manage its activities, estates, and buildings to promote environmental sustainability, to enhance and conserve natural resources and to prevent environmental pollution to bring about a continuous improvement in its environmental performance.