To pursue our quest for excellence we are proud to have a rich Intellectual Capital which is continuously working on Research Projects and Papers. We are proud to have generated a vast array of research papers. Following is the summary.

Facial recognition in effect of different classifier based on MPCA-EMFDA

Chandan Tripathi, Punit Mittal and Aditya Kumar

SIRS Springer 2014

Optimization of deep drilling process parameters of AISI 321 steel using Taguchi method

Pankul Goel, Gaurav Agarwal and Mukesh Kumar

ICMTC-2014 GRIET Hyderabad, 2014

Recent Engineering Application of MEMS in Nanotechnology

Rohit Pandey, M.K. Gaur

International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (2), 42- 56 (2014)

Structure and Orientational ordering in a fluid of elongated quadrupolar molecules

Ram Chandra Singh

Physics A 392, 48-57 (2013)

An efficient linear precording scheme based on block diagnalization for multiuser MIMO down link system

Abhishek Gupta

IJERT, 2, 2858-2862, (2013)

Comparative analysis of conventional CMOS and energy efficient adiabatic logic circuits

Manoj Kumar Sharma

IJERT, 3, (2013)

A Comparative Performance Analysis of Approximate String Matching

Shivani Jain

International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, 3 (5), (2013)

Power quality conditioners for matrix converter using shunt and series active filters

Shubra Goel, Devendra Tiwari

International journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 6 (3), 119-130, (2013)

Computer-Aided Genetic Algorithm Based Multi-Objective Optimization of laser Trepan Drilling

Sanjay Kumar

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, Springer, (2013)

Investigating the Effect of Process Parameters on The Mechanical Properties of A713 Sand casting Aluminum Alloy by Taguchi Method

Bhardwaj Vivek, Chandra Arunesh, Yadav Nikhil

IJAET 6 (5), 2274-2285 (2013)

Comments on the “PI and fuzzy logic controllers for shunt active power filter—A report” [ISA Trans 51(2012) 163-169]

Rambir Singh and Asheesh K. Singh

ISA Transactions (Elsevier), 51(5), 665-666, (2012)

Approximated Fuzzy Logic Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter for Improved Power Quality

Rambir Singh, Asheesh K. Singh and Rakesh K. Arya

Expert Systems (Wiley), on-line early view version available, (2012)

Influence of Slab Milling Process Parameters on Surface Integrity of HSLA: A Multi-Performance Characteristics Optimization

Pankul Goel, Zahid A Khan, Arshad Noor Siddiquee, Shahrul Kamaruddin, Rajeev Kumar Gupta

International journal of Adnavced Manufacturing Technology (Springer), 61, 859-871 (2012)

Simulation of Branch Prediction Optimization in Parallel Register Sharing Architecture

Rajendra Kumar and P. K. Singh

International Journal of Modeling and Optimization, 2(5), 575-578, (2012)

Study of Fabrication and Characterization of optical Waveguides for Integrated Optics

Sachin Sharma, Dharmendra Kumar

International Journal of Photonic, 4(1), 34, (2012)

Comparative Study of Adhoc Routing Protocol AODV, DSR

Yashi Rajvasnhi, Seema Rahul, Sanjay Maurya

International Journal of Computer Networks & Wireless Communication, 2(5), 630-633, (2012)

Analysis of End Coupled Microstrip Bandpass filter

Gurpreet Kaur Kohli

Euaria Journal of Computer Science & Engineering, 1(2), (2012)

Study of Methods of Multigate Fading in Mobile Communication

Shekhar Pundir

International Journal of Engineering Science & Advanced Technology, 2(3), 594-599, (2012)

Design and Analysis of an Improved Approximated Fuzzy Logic Controller for Shunt Active Power Filter

Rambir Singh and Asheesh K. Singh

International Journal of Fuzzy System Applications, 2(3), 69-89, (2012)

High Performance Fuzzy Adaptive PID Speed Control of a Converter Driven DC Motor

Satya Sheel and Om Hari Gupta

International Journal of Control and Automation, 5(1), 71-78 (2012)

New Techniques of PID Controller Tuning of a DC Motor- Development of a Tool Box

Satya Sheel and Om Hari Gupta

MIT International Journal of Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering, 2(2), 65-69, (2012)

Shunt and Series Active Filter Based Power Quality Conditioners for Matrix Converter

Shubra Goel, Arif Khan, and Omveer Singh

International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology, 1(5), 209-217, (2012)

An Efficient Load Flow Solution and VSI Analysis for Radial Distribution System

Lokendra Kumar, Deepesh Sharma and Shubra Goel

International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research, 2(3), 64-74, (2012)

An optimal approach of load balancing in Grid Computing

Jagdish Chandra Patni, Mr. Nitin Trivedi

ACM digital Library 1, 567-571, (2012)

An Overview of Potable Water Production Technique

Prem Shanker, Shiv Kumar and Abdul Aziz

International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology, 1, 7-17, (2012)

Modeling Simulation and Control of active suspension system in Matlab Simulink Environment

Mohd. Avesh, Rajeev Srivastava

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -Explore, 659-664, (2012)

Methodology for effective implementation of a quality management system for small and medium sized organization in developing countries

Jujhar Singh

International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology, 106, (2012)

Thermo-Economic Cost Optimization of Air Cooled Hear Exchanges using Genetic Algorithm

Rajul Garg, Shashi Kumar Jain, Satyashree Ghodke

Journal of Information, Knowledge and Research in Mechanical Engineering, 1(2), 85-87, (2011)

A new Compiler for Space-Time Scheduling of ILP processors

Rajendra Kumar and P K Singh

International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, 3(4), 536-543, (2011)

Time-Variant Captcha: Generating Strong Captcha Security by Reducing Time to Automated Computer Programs

Prem Shankar Yadav, Chandra Prakash Sahu, Sanjeev Kumar Shukla

Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences, 2(12), 701-704, (2011)

Chaffing and winnowing without using Steganography and Encryption Technique

Amitab Maurya

International Journal of IT & Knowledge Management, IV(2), 515-517, (2011)

Approximated Simplest Fuzzy Logic Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter for Current Harmonic Mitigation

Rambir Singh, Asheesh K. Singh, and Rakesh K. Arya

International Journal of Fuzzy System Applications, 1(4), 18-36 (2011)

Image Compression study between EZW, STW, SPIHT

Tarun Kumar

International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research

Survey and analysis of university clustering

Amitabh Maurya International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications

Publications in International/National Conference

A Numerical Study on Influence of Solid Element Types with Expanded Polypropylene

Mohd. Avesh International Conference on Mechanical Engineering: Emerging Trends and Sustainability, MA- NIT Bhopal, January 2014

Optimized electric motor selection for various hybrid and electric vehicles

Sonakshi Sharma, Vipul Kumar (Students of VCE)

8th SAE India, International Mobility Conference & 1st commercial vehicle engineering congree India 2013 (SIMCOMVEC 2013), Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai

A Fuzzy Logic based Robust Speed Controller for Chopper Fed DC Motor Drive

Rambir Singh, Pradeep Kumar and Amit K Jain

IJCA Proceedings on National Conference on Future Aspects of Artificial intelligence in Industrial

Automation, 5-8, (2012)

Study of Different Parameters of Bellmann-Ford Routing Protocol for different Buffer Size

Yashi Rajvasnhi, Seema Rahul, Sanjay Maurya

International Conference on Communication Control Computer & Mechanical Engineering, 40-42, (2012)

Wavelets in Meteorology

Ram Chandra Singh and Rajeev Bhatla

AIP Conf. Proc. 1463, 176-193 (2012)

Comparison of three evolutionary algorithms for harmonic mitigation using SAPF

Rambir Singh, Asheesh K. Singh, Pradeep Kumar

Proc. 6th IEEE International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS 2011), 392-397, (2011)