The Google Scholar Club (GSC) at Vidya Knowledge Park, Meerut is formed under Directorate of Research and Project Mobilization. The club has started it functioning with effect from 10th February 2017.


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  1. To create an environment of research in VKP campus and stimulate, every VKPian their heart & brain, a little more research oriented
  2. To empower the members to do significance research and to prepare VKP for transformation to WRI.
  3. To guide students and young faculty members in their research/project work. These facilities will also be available for our ex-students and alumni
  4. To mobilize and avail GOI research funds from large numbers of Govt. agencies
  5. To develop and foster collaborative research with other agencies encouraging cross fertilization of ideas and promotion of technology transfer.
  6. To organize Research Oriented Seminar/Conference/Workshop in collaboration with professional societies, core industries, our alumni and on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platforms
  7. To invite outstanding research workers and eminent personalities for delivering lectures and interacting with our fellow Google Scholar members
  8. To integrate research with our teaching, training and our works at the social interface in VKP (involving all the 5 Directorates)

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For more information please contact:

Dr. Rajiv Kumar