Thank you Vidya for all the unstinting love and support you have given me. I feel like I am the best because you brought out the best in me. You improved my skills, knowledge due to which now I got placed in a renowned organization.

Vipul (E.N), 2011-15

Vidya not only provided me a platform for developing my skills but also helped me in proving my abilities to the world. A heartily  thanks to our CC&P Dept. for their continuous efforts and guidance that helped us a lot in connecting to the corporate world.

Tarak Agarwal (CS) 2011-15
E-Bee Global Solutions

Vidya is a place where I learned several facts of life which helped me to enhance my personality as a professional & socialized person. Vidya is a place where I found two of my most precious friends. I am always thankful to Vidya for making me skilled that’s why nowadays I’m satisfied in this challenging world. It’s not easy to forget Vidya because I spend a major growing part of my life here. Being a Vidyan, it always feels proud.

AKASH KARNWAL (B.Tech-EN) 2011-15

Setting up your career with a defined IT Organization like BASWARE CORPORATION was like a dream come true, I really like to thanks to being a part of my success to VIDYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.VCE just not help me out to get better placement, but also provide the finest education with the best learning environment to achieve defined success apart. I would also like to thanks to the faculty member of VKP and CC&P Department to put their best in inviting First-class Companies to our College. Like Present Records, VKP is going to be the best in all Placements and Studies in the upcoming space.

Tushar Tomar (B.Tech, I.T) 2011-15

I am glad that I choose vidya as my college.VKP provide us with a platform where we can learn, explore our knowledge and apply our knowledge for solving real life problems. VKP helped me to develop my potential and foster my knowledge in various domains. VKP provides us with a complete package of knowledge, understanding, practicality and personality development. I would like to thank VKP CCP department for helping me to  get placed in a reputed firm.

Isha Goel (B.Tech, CS) 2011-15

In VCE, life gets a new meaning, a new shape and a new beginning. Living by some stringent rules is surely one of them but then who minds it when you have so much to enjoy for. The day was full of lectures, followed by practical and tutorials but the exposure to different workshops and seminar add like a boost to technical skills. Thanks VCE and CC&P department, VKP for your undeniable motivation and help to deal with most difficulties that will come along in our professional careers.

Mishika aggarwal (,CS) 2011-15

Vidya is a place where not only my overall personality is groomed as an engineer, but here my development as a good human, a socialized and as a corporate acceptable person occurred. I am always thankful to my institution for making me capable to live a satisfied life. It  is always a feel of proud to be a VIDYAN.

Shubham Sharma (B.Tech-EN)2011-2015

It feels on cloud 9 to be placed with a teir 1 company “COGNIZANT”. This could not be possible without the help of VCE faculty members, VKP management and all the people associated with me. After various stages from school to college being placed gives a comfort space of life.

Gaurav Goel (B. Tech, CSE) 2010-14

I had worked hard throughout B.Tech and finally because of the combined efforts of VCE and CC & P department, I got recruited in TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES (TCS) for the post of software Engineer. During the four years of B.Tech, I had participated in various workshops like robotics, Ethical hacking and Cloud Computing which helped me in grabbing this opportunity.

Himangi Bansal (B. Tech, CSE) 2010-14

Launching your career with an esteem organization like HP wasn’t short of a dream come true and I would really like to dedicate a great part of my success to college. VCE being an engineering college not only provides one of the finest education across the globe but also foster you to evolve as a true professional. It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to be associated with a college of such stature.

Sagar Jain (B. Tech, CSE) 2010-14

Optimus Information accelerated the growth for my bright future. It would not be possible without the support of VCE and the blessings of my parents and friends. Vidya gave me the platform to enhance my skills and after getting this opportunity I feel composed and relaxed. The feeling of achieving has been planted in me through the thoughtful process of Vidya and I will cherish the same throughout my life.

Alankrit Agarwal (B. Tech, CSE) 2010-14

I believe that there exist determination and moral support to achieve an initial step of something best in life. The former part is within ourselves and for the latter there are the people who provide us with utmost help for which, I would like to thank faculty members of VCE and CC & P Department, VKP. The culture, values and the morals that the college provided for complete development of my work life balance are undeniable

Vibhor Khurana (B. Tech, ECE) 2010-14

Vidya College of Engineering has helped me a lot in getting the first and the most important job profile of my life. I am placed in HP much before completing my studies. The most important thing for us is that we are well prepared and know how to deal with most difficulties that will come along in our professional careers. I am really pleased and proud to be part of VCE

Utkarsh Nagar (B. Tech, EEE) 2010-14

The entire process of the dissertation was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Honestly, without this, I wouldn’t have realized what all I have learned and how to apply it in the real life working scenario. I think all of us deserve this enriching experience.

Vibhor Gupta (PGDM) 2012-14

“Learn-Serve-Lead”, that is one thing that Vidya College of Engineering urges in and to far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need. It nourished me and thus gave me an opportunity to prove myself.

Shiza Anand (B. Tech, IT) 2010-14

My experience at Vidya School of Business is that this business school doesn’t believe in money making rather they support each and every individual in grooming them to achieve individuals goal. The faculty of VSB is totally learned and experienced, but still at the same time they are friendly and caring. They are not the usual faculties who De-motivate the students but they are going out of their skins to help one understand small concepts. I have never seen, heard any such kind of ambiance anywhere in India.

Kratika Katiyar (MBA) 2012-14