Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a creative course having duration of four years. The course requires personal interest in arts and skills like sketching and drawing are appreciable. It helps students to develop skills and knowledge to work with creative industry. Bachelor of Fine Arts programme prepares the students for establishing a career in the field of Fine arts.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree will often require an area of specialty such as computer animation, creative writing , drawing, film production, visual effects, animation, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, visual arts, technical arts, interior design, metalworking, new media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, stage management, or television production. We give our students a broad education in three disciplines of the arts i.e. Applied Arts, Painting and Textile designing.

The scope in the field of fine arts is very wide and the art students have a large spectrum of options in front of them. It starts from working in art studios, advertising companies, publishing houses, print media and fashion houses, etc. A graduate can also start a career as freelance artist. Other relevant fields available are teaching, photography, television production. One can also start as on-line services like e-lance work, design house and product and package design. A Bachelor degree of Fine Arts is necessary for those who are interested to carve a strong niche in the field of creative arts.



The objective of one year in-depth foundation course which is common to the B.F.A. Courses in Applied Art, Painting, Textile is to provide elementary training in Art and Design. It is an introduction to inter-related equally important subjects which include Drawing, Design, Color, Clay modeling, 2D designing, 3D designing Aesthetics and concepts of History of Indian Art , all of which are formal understanding and manual neat-handedness. The Course emphasis is upon creating awareness in the students about the principles of visual and design experience and to suitably prepare him/her for the Specialization courses.

BFA IInd year offers the following specialization:

Applied Art
Applied Art is fundamentally a subject which undertakes various forms of correspondence through a forum which are technical and economic . Emphasis is laid on the growth of a nature which would enable the student to apprentice his individuality to a mutual effort. The new technologies have become a problem solver and have all opened up many avenues. On the basis of this understanding, the objective of training is focused on expansion of creative ability and professional skills through thorough study of subjects such as Drawing & Illustration, Design and Subsidiary subjects such  Press Layout, Poster Design, History of Art, Photography, Advertising Theory techniques, Aesthetics, Campaign study and Computer Application softwares.

Painting Specialization
Students will be introduced to the options within their chosen Art, Communication or Design discipline. The sole aim of the course is to provide with an understanding of the industry requirements by making each student’s knowledge and implementation skills through exposure to professional and technical examples.This is for students who are very confident in their future direction and have the ability to express their ideas in professional way.

Textile students are given exposure about various aspects of textiles be it fibres, yarns or fabric. Students learn to identify textiles and its composition. The course provides in weaving,knitting,dyeing,printing and finishing. The course not only covers the technical part but also designing and motif development.

Career in Fine Arts

Computer Animation Creative Copy Writing Film Production Set Designer Graphic Designer
Event Organizer Advertising Visualizer Art Director Typographer Web Designer
Illustrator Product Designer Packaging Designer Publication Houses Interior Designer
Freelance Artist Photographer Print Maker Sculptor TV Production
Drawing Teacher Curator