Vidya Innovation Incubator was initiated in the year 2015 with a sprawling 15,000 sqft facility.

Vidya is a place of original thinkers; nurturing and stimulating inquisitive minds to produce graduates with innovative concepts, perspective, and approaches.

Vidya Innovation Incubator helps turn students’ business ideas into reality. Student ventures with ascendable, commercial potential are given access to high-tech, collaborative office space, paired with industry experts and mentors, subject matter experts, and community corporate partners to develop market-testable products and services and scalable business plans.

This Innovation Hub will be a one-stop shop for know-how. Entrepreneurs across VIDYA can access seed capital opportunities, one-on-one mentoring, feedback from entrepreneurial experts, pro-bono support services and capacity-building workshops covering everything from legal liability to effective marketing to entrepreneurial finance.

It is a community, a nexus point where innovators at VIDYA can interact, meet with other innovators, and learn from peers, all of whom are driven to create lasting positive change. That community includes graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, staff and alumni across any discipline.

Some of the companies which are supported by VIDYA Innovation Incubator are:

Infinity | Guru Naukri | Vidya Intellix Pvt.Ltd