M.Tech. in Electrical Power System course is a two years program (comprising of four semesters) and the department has a very vibrant postgraduate program with a strong focus on research and development in electrical engineering. It finds applications in Control of AC & DC drives in industries, commercial, aerospace, utility and military applications and also it plays an important role in switching power supplies, High voltage DC lines which interconnect two different AC systems. Rapid developments in recent times indicate the applications of semiconductor power devices that can efficiently switch large current at high voltages with an emphasis on low power loss.

This stream leads to specialization in one or more of the following areas: electrical machines and drives, power electronics, power systems and high voltage engineering. Application of digital control methods in these areas could also be studied through an appropriate selection of the project work.

Due importance is accorded to both theory subjects and dissertation work. Each of the subjects is handled by chosen, experienced staff, and is complemented by senior practicing experts from reputed industry. The dissertation work is supervised meticulously by specialized faculty. The department attaches lot of importance to its Master’s students as they constitute the backbone of research and development.

Student Outcomes from our Electrical & Electronics Engineering Program

  • Knowledge to analysis circuits, electromagnetic machines, power systems, control systems etc.
  • Knowledge to deal with generation, distribution and transmission of electricity.
  • Knowledge to use machine tools and equipments involved in the production and measurement of electricity.
  • Knowledge to design and develop electronics circuits, equipments and machines.
  • Knowledge to develop efficient renewable energy and electric/hybrid vehicles.
  • Knowledge to create and design new products and systems.
  • To prepare students to excel in Industry and Higher education by Education Students along with High moral values and knowledge.
  • To provide students with the fundamentals of Engineering Sciences with more emphasis in Electrical Enginerring by way of analyzing and exploiting  engineering challenges.

Scope of Employment

  • Design Engineer
  • Project & Development Engineer
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Reliability Engineer